New Antimicrobial Disinfectants and Sanitizers2020-01-16T19:10:11+00:00

Complete protection Hand/Body/Surface/Laundry

Proven against Flu, M.R.S.A, C-Diff, Staph. Used and trusted by Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, First Responders, Teacher, Food Service Employees, Household Members, and more.

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We believe that you don’t need to use heavy chemicals to disinfect your home or to keep the germs away. To accomplish this, we have found products that are all-natural and fight germs with ingredients found in nature, such as hydrogen peroxide. One of our products is a spray that offers a broad-spectrum disinfection formula that kills bacteria and viruses on hard, non-porous surfaces that you come into contact with every day, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. The spray is comprised of 5% Hydrogen Peroxide and a 0.01% Silver chemical formula. It is an unscented, EPA registered, healthcare grade, ready to use disinfectant that is that is bleach and PAA free.

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