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Over the last forty years, Midwest Health Consultants, Inc. has been working with hospitals and hospital manufacturers to provide better patient care. We have dedicated the last twenty-one years to working with the obese population. We have seen patients’ weight steadily increase every year. Surprisingly, it’s not uncommon to see ten to twenty patients in a hospital over 600 pounds.
Once a person’s BMI is greater than 30, which is considered obese, they are at risk of developing various health problems including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes, certain types of cancer, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, fatty liver disease, kidney disease, pregnancy problems, such as high blood sugar during pregnancy, high blood pressure, and increased risk for cesarean delivery (C-section). As expected, their quality of life drastically declines once this happens.

So, how DOES this happen?!

For starters, people are eating more calories than before… but most of the increase has come from processed foods. At the turn of the 20th century, people were eating mostly simple, home-cooked meals. Around 2009, about half of what people ate was fast food, or other convenience foods away from home.
Sugar. Numerous studies show that eating excess amounts of added sugar can have harmful effects on metabolism, leading to insulin resistance, belly fat gain, high triglycerides and small, dense LDL cholesterol, just to name a few. There is also an abundance of observational studies showing that the people who eat the most sugar are at a much greater risk of getting type 2 diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Sugar is also fattening, partly because it doesn’t get registered by the brain in the same way as other calories do, making us eat more. It also has adverse effects on hormones related to obesity. Not surprisingly, studies show that people who eat the most sugar are at a high risk of future weight gain and obesity.
We move less and we sit more. Compared with our parents or grandparents, we are spending increasing amounts of time in environments that not only limit physical activity but require prolonged sitting—at work, at home, and in our cars and communities.

So, now that we know HOW this happens, what do we DO about it?!

And that’s how Hawksbury Health & Nutrition was born. We decided that our new mission was to focus on prevention and education in hopes of slowing down the rates of obesity. We work to provide our customers with healthy, natural, organic, Non-GMO supplements, health foods, and beauty products, with the goal of increasing each consumer’s personal confidence, along with promoting a better quality of life, mentally and physically.

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